Jul 21 , 2022

CFO Minute: How Healthy is Your Current Operating System? EOS Explained.

AIOAs CFO Minute Blog

It’s a good question that has nothing to do with the latest Windows release. This system, like the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) according to the EOS creator Gino Wickman, “organizes all of its [a company’s] human energy.” The inner working of your small business or nonprofit; in other words, the plans, the processes, the way you solve problems, communicate, measure, structure, lead and manage among other aspects. Why is an operating system necessary?

Perhaps you’ve already experienced it. Having everyone in your organization operating their own way doesn’t work for very long. The potential for all this cross-purpose activity to dilute your brand, confuse customers and clients, and put your financial health and employee productivity at risk is enormous.

What is EOS? It’s a proven methodology for businesses of all sizes. In fact, more than 50K companies worldwide run on EOS. Here are some of reasons business leaders find it a simple, complete, and powerful tool for their organizations. It helps:

    • Leaders achieve their business vision and reach their growth goals more effectively
    • Give employees a well-defined structure for personal and professional growth
    • Keep employees aligned with key messaging, processes, priorities, and goals so everyone is working in concert versus unknowingly against each other
    • Streamline inefficient, out of date, or unsafe processes and policies, especially regarding financial systems management and safeguards
    • Ultimately save time and allows for more effective and proactive planning against future risks and challenges

These are just a few of the key benefits of integrating EOS into business daily operations. At its core, it involves every member of the company adopting the system into their daily and weekly actions. Plus, EOS Worldwide provides a massive amount of resources to help businesses successfully adopt EOS into their operations.

Ask any business leader adopting EOS and they’ll admit, it isn’t always an easy journey getting people and operations in step with each other to the point where the magic can happen. But when the magic does happen? Exciting opportunities are ahead for everyone in your business as AIOA visionary, Heide Olson, founder and CEO, discovered. Heide recently explained her company’s journey with EOS. Not only has Heide and team had award-winning success, per Heide, “When we started with EOS we were only in Minneapolis, now we are a global company. The sky’s the limit!”

As the current economic climate shows us, businesses need to work smarter to survive and thrive. Adopting EOS is one place to start.