Sep 02 , 2021

Why We Love TSheets

Timekeeping was a nuisance, now it’s simple for everyone on our team.

Becky Lewis – COO, All In One Accounting

Once upon a time….

Like some small businesses we had a time sheet system that was not very efficient. 40+ team members all had to fight to access our company QuickBooks file and enter their time sheets each week. We had team members entering inaccurate bill rate codes, marking billable items and non-billable, and even some billable time not entered at all. Since all of our invoicing is based directly on time entered by our team, our billing process was time consuming. Hours spent following up with hourly team members to ensure all their time was entered, needing to enter correct bill rates, and even having to completely redo invoices to account for missed bill time. Needless to say, the process was very manual and time consuming, until we got TSheets.

The setup was simple.

After researching and deciding to give it a try, our testing team connected with a TSheets rep for a 1 hour video conference to go over the settings and help us determine what we needed to complete to customize the system for our businesses needs. They helped setup schedules for time entry based on bill dates, setup time entry reminders to be automatically pushed to team members, and time sheet rounding to get all our time entries rounded to the nearest quarter of an hour. After finalizing setup, we tested the process with a small group of team members and it worked! Team members had the power to enter their time easily and accurately and submit their time when all was entered, which allowed the leadership team to easily approve and sync with our QuickBooks file.

Menu for the Admin accounts. Here you can edit employees, customers, and company settings.

We were able to reduce time spent by team members on time keeping.

– Instead of sorting through a list of our entire client base, we were able to assign clients by employee, so they only see a list that is relevant to them.
– When selecting the client bill code, there was now a set bill rate for each client as well, no need to remember bill rates, or which client was associated to which.
– We were also able to determine by customer which work is automatically selected as billable or non-billable, thus saving the team time trying to select the proper billable state for each client.

We were also able to drastically reduce the time spent on invoicing our clients as well as produce a better and more efficient billing process.

– Pre-populated bill rate field means we no longer need to have a master list of bill rates and verify every rate billed is accurate while also ensuring all revenue is captured.
– Automated messages reminding team members to submit their time ensures a more accurate time entry system, allows our leadership team to know when time sheets are completed, and allows for a more timely billing process. There is also limited time now spent on following up with team members to ensure their time sheets are all entered and accurate.
– The ease of the approvals screen allows our leadership to easily view all time entry summaries based on bill cycles, identify patterns, and easily approve and sync to QuickBooks.
– We no longer had to buy a large license count for our QuickBooks license so team members could get it. It was all done from the application now!

Approvals screen within TSheets. Allows you to easily see submitted time, unapproved time, and export to QuickBooks.

There’s a what?

TSheets hasn’t stopped there; there’s also a phone app! This handy app is very user friendly, and allows team members on the go to add, edit, and even submit their time. You can set push notification company wide for time entry reminders, time submit reminders, and even reminders to clock-on/out according to a schedule! With access to time tracking on the go, no team member has any reason not to have time entered.

Overall, TSheets has brought happiness and efficiency to all of our team members and allowed everyone on our team to take control of their time entry. This application has allowed our team to excel as we continue to add team members and new clients. This application works great for a vast amount of companies in different industries with all sorts of needs. TSheets is frequently adding new features that are easily configured for use. If TSheets doesn’t have a feature you’re looking for, simply request a feature!

Thank you TSheets!

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