Jan 26 , 2022

We're Moving! 2022 Here We Come...


It’s been 17 years since Heide Olson put out her shingle to let the world know All In One Accounting was open for business. Ten years since she found a larger home on Thomas Center Drive in Eagan, Minnesota, for her growing AIOA family. And only a few more months now before AIOA makes the next move to a new location in Eagan. Three times the space and lots of room for the teams to keep growing!

“Never stop learning!” That’s what one of the AIOA team wrote on the cold cement floor inside the new building the week before Christmas during a “Laying the Foundation” event at the new location. Heide and the other AIOA leaders wanted the team to feel a sense of ownership of the new space. Everyone that could attend were invited to paint or write a personal message on the cement floor before the interior construction began. Soon, they’ll be walking about their new digs on a “sub floor” of positivity. Take a look at some of their messages:


We’ll be posting more about the move in the months ahead on Instagram and Facebook as we draw closer to the end of Q1 2022 move date. While it is hard to move from a spot that has so many memories and amazing work accomplished, the time is right to broaden AIOA’s perspective.

For Heide, “It’s always about the PEOPLE. I want to bring people in who care about the clients as much as I do, and have a passion for serving other’s success. This event was about creating a culture that people love to work at, and along the way, achieving autonomy, purpose and mastery. It is all the foundation of our SOUL!”
There’s much work to be done, but we’ll have fun doing it. Can’t wait to invite you all over!