Oct 11 , 2022

QuickBooks Desktop Tips

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In our blog, QuickBooks Desktop vs. QuickBooks Online - What's the Best Choice for Your Business?, we talked about the chatter in the financial industry regarding updates coming for the two software versions available to businesses. In this Tips & Tricks, we want to address the specific issues of long load times, intermittent errors, crashes, and freezing in QuickBooks Desktop which Intuit acknowledges are affecting QuickBooks versions 2019-2022, and are related to their May software release including a patch for the end of support for Internet Explorer. While Intuit is releasing an update in October, there is no guarantee all issues will be addressed.

All In One Accounting's IT provider, Solution Builders, has been working hard to identify and test possible workarounds. They have identified a handful of settings within QuickBooks Desktop that have helped some users.

Note, these settings are server specific. Meaning these adjustment need to happen on all servers. For the time being, if you see issues please check the setting tips below and adjust as needed.

Tip 1


Uncheck "Show home page when opening a company file" option.

Edit / Preferences / Desktop View / My Preferences



Tip 2

Check Mark: Turn off pop-up messages for products and services.

Edit / Preferences / General / My Preferences


Tip 3

Also Select "Don't save the desktop."

Edit / Preferences / Desktop View / My Preferences



Tip 4

Thip tip is only applicable for those who have the Accountant version of Quickbooks Desktop. To stop Accountant Center form starting at log in, uncheck the box.



We know everyone is eagerly awaiting a fix. Until then, if you have any interest in learning about QuickBooks Online reliability, please feel free to reach out. We're happy to provide information and pricing. Our Team Experience Manager can share with you what is working for others, and we can help you set up a system that works for you and your staff. Contact us today to learn more.