Sep 02 , 2021

Video: Locking Periods in QuickBooks Desktop




Do you lock the periods in your QuickBooks file? If not, you could be putting your financials at risk. Take a moment to watch this brief video.



Have you ever gone to check on your financials and noticed that something from months ago has changed? How long did it take you to find the issue and fix it? Has it happened more than once? This could have all been avoided by locking the periods in your QuickBooks file.

Locking the periods allows you to completely lock down your company’s file up to a specific date. This means if anyone tries to edit, delete, or in any way tamper with transactions that are already completed, they will be prompted for a password. Without the password nothing can be changed.

It has happened more than once that things are inadvertently deleted or changed when working within a file. Locking periods gives you peace of mind in knowing that nothing can be changed that would affect your financials and cause extra work.

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