Sep 02 , 2021

How to Tackle Obstacles that Threaten Your Goals

If you lead your busines using EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System), you know that dealing with issues and obstacles is the crux of the fourth of the 6 core EOS elements for building a thriving business.

In EOS terminology, “issues” are obstacles that somehow prevent your company from reaching its goals. EOS refers to goals as “Rocks”. An issue may prevent completion of a Rock, negatively affect a scorecard metric, or threaten the cohesiveness of a core process. Issues may be operational, or they may be related to personnel.

EOS has a systematic way to deal with issues and overcome them. When an issue is encountered, it should be added to a list to be addressed at the next weekly meeting. They are generally stated as a problem. Weekly, team members discuss issues and identify the root causes.

One or more to-dos, geared toward removing issues, are assigned to individuals. Those individuals are held accountable to completing the action item. In each consecutive weekly meeting, to-dos are tracked to ensure they are completed, and the issue is solved.  The obstacle to the goal is removed.

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