Jul 14 , 2022

Case Study: Headwaters Foundation for Justice

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No Nonsense Outsourcing: Fueling Nonprofit Growth

An ongoing challenge for nonprofits across the country is to make the right financial decisions to help them sustain their social purpose, and ensure their financial health and organizational preservation. Our new case study features a Minnesota nonprofit, the Headwaters Foundation for Justice (HFJ). This study reveals how exploration of HFJ's financial systems led to engaging an outsourced accounting model to supplement their inhouse staff, and the turnaround growth they experienced as a result.

In the study, you’ll:

    • Explore getting started and working together with AIOA team as a unified team
    • Gain perspective from a CFO on the nonprofit's turnaround
    • Examine the real benefits of outsourced accounting in addition to successful yearly audits, improved processes and systems

The successful actions taken together with their AIOA team will support HFJ's organizational health for decades to come, an outcome both organizations are proud to achieve.

reading for nonprofit and small business leaders.

Download the HFJ Case Study