Jun 03 , 2022

Case Study: Great North Innocence Project


From A to Z: Where Outsourcing Accounting Counts the Most

Our new case study features a Minnesota nonprofit, the Great North Innocence Project (GN-IP), formerly known as the Innocence Project of Minnesota. One of Sara Jones's first goals as the new Executive Director at GN-IP was to review the health of the nonprofit's financial systems. There were staff changes in play, and many complexities to be worked through financially. This case study highlights challenges she faced and how engaging outsourced accounting services made all the difference.

In the study, you’ll learn about:

    • Steps taken to successfully pass their first audit
    • Insights gained through streamlining processes for growth
    • Perspective on transitioning critical leadership positions

All In One Accounting offers three levels of service to clients, helping organizations like GN-IP focus on what they do best; in this case, freeing the innocent. This case study is timely
reading for nonprofit and small business leaders.